Project Description


A new content driven app for ChelseaTV with intention to deliver On Demand content for more engaging and immersive experiences for existing subscribers and sports fans — which can be enjoyed equally on multiple platforms and combined with large screens for an optimum viewing experience.

Potential Approach

Magazine Style / News Feed

  • A good route to consider is to provide more of a magazine / news feed-style viewing experience rather than a linear or VOD style interface. This will offer greater benefits to casual browsers, especially on tablet.
  • Content could include team pages (where all team news is aggregated), competition pages, player pages, best goals etc
  • One of the main challenges to delivering this will be investing time to create and manage editorial content.
  • The ability to cross-link at lower levels will also be needed to open up discovery paths.

Key Features

  • Added value by making channel content more excessible and engaging.
  • All match content (Previews/interviews/highlights/Analysis) available on demand
  • Under 21s match content made available for on demand consumption.
  • Game analysis data available for further further user engagement
  • The use of Multi-camera angles and panorama for the ultimate immersive experience
  • Introducting Social Viewing Features, snapshot moments of video to share.
  • Consistent Interfaces across all platforms