Project Description


Best Western UK had recognised there was a need for them to update their website booking portal to accommodate the increasing amount of mobile traffic to their site. The legacy website was design as a static desktop site and users were struggling to booking through a mobile device and offer sales were lost as users gave up on their booking journey.

Best Western commissioned our team to create an enhanced mobile first design for their hotel booking portal, together with a new responsive website.

Together with the client, we decided upon a digital strategy of sending mobile traffic towards a more simplified search and booking portal designed specifically for customers using a slower 3G connection. This portal would be code light and quick to load. Along side the new booking portal, we also proposed an enhanced responsive site that carried more offerings, promotions and features.

A mobile first approach 

Focussing on hotel search and easy booking

Initial research and user profiling suggested that speed of search and easy access to current booking information were prominent user requirements when booking on mobile. User Centred Research also suggested that prominent price information, distance from location, customer rating and good pictures of hotels were the most important factors when selecting and booking a specific hotel. Among the business requirements were to push account and Reward Card sign up.


Simplified booking journey

Enhanced responsive website